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The large 34 m2 control room is designed to provide a spacious, efficient, extremely accurate monitoring and working environment. It features multiple monitoring systems including ATC SCM-200 ASL Pro soffitt-mounted LCR mains, with ATC SCM-100ASL Pro rear surrounds and ATC subs for 5.1 mixing. Nearfield options are also available including ATC SCM-20 ASL Pros. The huge producer's desk provides ample workspace for even the most elaborate productions. Multiple mixing console options are available, with the default system being a 32-channel Digidesign ProControl surface with an integrated Edit Pack. On either side of the desk are rack islands with the analog patchbay to the left and all the mic preamps to the right. The control room also has carefully chosen seating, with Herman Miller Aeron chairs at the console and a leather sofa behind the producer’s desk.


THE STUDIO (Recording Space)

If the heart of the MIAM Studios is its control room, then the soul is its beautiful live room. It is a gigantic 78.5 m2 with 6m high ceilings and a warm open sound that must be experienced to be believed. It is ideal for all acoustic ensembles up to classical symphonies and it is a perfect drum recording space. It also features reversible wall panels to fine-tune the acoustics for each project. With the MIAM Studios' large collection of gobos from Stackit and ACS, the space can be divided up into a number of semi-separated areas allowing musicians to play together in the same space without sacrificing channel separation. This helps preserve spontaneity and musicality, and lets musicians communicate more efficiently. Headphone monitoring is driven by Langevin “More-Me” headphone mixers. Additional live room equipment includes Manley Starbird booms, and high-quality ergonomic seating by Wenger.



The main live room is supplemented by two isolation booths: one traditional vocal booth and one larger chamber with very comfortable moods.



MIAM Studios is extremely proud of its perfect 9-foot Hamburg Steinway Model D concert grand piano. It is maintained by Steinway factory technicians and it is kept in perfect humidity and temperature controlled conditions. It is an unusual instrument in that is well suited to classical, jazz and pop music with its presence and depth of tune. There is no equal to this instrument in any studio in the region, in fact few anywhere in the world. The best part is that it will continue to improve as it matures. Even classical pianists who generally only record on location are drawn to record on this spectacular instrument.


ProTools HD

The heart of the recording studio is a ProTools HD system with a Macintosh G5, expanded with a huge amount of additional DSP horsepower (HD core plus five HD Process card). This allows for up to 128 tracks of pristine digital audio and sample rates up to 192 kHz, all using multiple instances of even the most DSP-hungry TDM plug-ins. All this power is controlled by a 32-channel ProControl surface, including an Edit Pack with dual joysticks for surround mixing. Add to this the highest-quality possible A-D converters from Apogee (Special Edition) and a huge selection of TDM plug-ins including Waves Mercury Bundle & Restoration Bundle, you have a truly world-class system for music tracking, mixing and post-production.



The full 5.1 monitor system features large soffit-mounted LCR mains from ATC, the first and only such system in Turkey. These ATC SCM-200ASL Pro units offer breathtaking clarity and accuracy, and with their complementary surround monitors and subs their performance is unrivalled by any system at any price. Of course for mixing contrasting monitors are available.