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Assoc. Prof. Robert Reigle

I  joined the faculty of the Centre for Advanced Musical Research (MIAM) in 2002.  I conducted my primary ethnomusicological research in Serieng village, Papua New Guinea, over a period of three years.  There, men modify the timbre of their voices to transform them from mere human voices into those of  ancestor spirits.  In 2005 I became interested in dengbêj music in Turkey.  Together with my colleagues, I organized two international conferences:  the second New Guinea Ethnomusicology Conference, and the Istanbul Spectral Music Conference.  I have collaborated with, Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram, and premiered works by them in Tokyo and Bucharest.  As saxophonist and composer, my recordings have been reviewed in The Wire, Downbeat, and Cadence, among others.  I founded improvisation ensembles in Istanbul, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and Lincoln.  I have performed with the Cecil Taylor Workshop Ensembles, percussionist Gustavo Aguilar, soprano Keiko Hatanaka, and a number of dancers, poets, and visual artists.  I gave the New York premiere of Giacinto Scelsi’s Tre Pezzi, pour saxophone, and made the first recording of that work on tenor (rather than soprano) saxophone.  I perform in Istanbul with the groups Islak Köpek and Hoca Nasreddin.