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Hakan Kurşun

Hakan Kurşun is working since 1991 as a musician, composer, arranger, engineer and music producer in Austria, Poland and Turkey. In 1996 he released his first solo album Kaos in Istanbul. In 2000 he was selected as a board member of the turkish composers association MSG. In 2004 he released his second solo album named Kutle “Mass” from his own label Pb Muzik Ltd. After 2005 he worked as a managing director in the music sector. Until today he was a team member of over 80 released music projects. Hakan Kurşun is teaching at the Istanbul Bigi University music department since 2002 and at the Istanbul Teknik University MIAM center for advanced studies in music since 2005. He is directing the SAE creative media institute Istanbul. He holds a SAE Audio Engineering Diploma and a BA in Recording Arts of the Middlesex University London. He is married and has one son. Currently he is working on his third Album and a new performance the Megaphone Culture.