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Music, Europe and Cooperation
January 13, Monday. 18.00
Cevad Memduh Altar Hall

2014-2020 is a new european period, with the recent announce of new program and guidelines which take into consideration new surrounding and new priorities.

Turkey is now eligible to those program in same condition as UE countries and a short list f other countries : it is supposed to confirmed on the 31th of january.
Turkish cultural actors, and institutions can play an important rôle if they seize this opportunity. But is suppose to understand well the program and to have a deep reflection about cultural sectors.
As an independant worker, with a 12 years experience in the field of culture in France, Valerie Devy designed Terra Musica, to be a creative network, an interface for european cooperation in "music practice and transmission", in order to reinforce music sectors and to explore innovating project.
This communication will present both a short synthesis of the guidelines and the result of her reflection about how to use those program in our sectors : musicology, music transmission, instrument making