Mission – Vision


  • To provide a modern graduate music education, utilising contemporary educational methods; and to foster the transfer of musical heritage to future generations.
  • To train creative and investigative music professionals.
  • To conduct advanced musical research and publish their results.
  • To maintain the continuous self-development of its alumni by providing national and international opportunities in terms of fieldwork, conference presentations, student-exchange programs, workshops, masterclasses, concers, social communications and connections and doctoral studies.
  • To provide a platform where artists and scholars can contribute and share knowledge in terms of education, research and consultancy.
  • To establish national and international connections with similar institutions, securing a permanent development in the quality of education.


MIAM aims to train creative music individuals. Being creative means being different, being new, and manifesting original creations. Through this process, to put forth exciting creations, it is necessary for an individual to have a brave and independent frame of mind, and also an awareness of their distinctiveness from their antecedents. People who have created excitement, and important things in music scene, who have stirred things up, are acutely aware of their contemporaries and their predecessors. Therefore, MIAM is a liberal and open music platform that instills this awareness and musical knowledge required for the creative potential of individuals to materialize.

There is creation in every area of music at MIAM: A new composition, performance style, recording technique, sound design, sound mix, fieldwork, music analysis, thesis, theory, instrument design etc. Students who are enrolled in different concentration areas of MIAM, enjoy an interdisciplinary and collaborative musical platform that enables them to do research in their own areas and also in other areas.

The educational language of MIAM is English, and its academic staff consists of Turkish and foreign scholars. MIAM has connections with many national and international institutions. Consequently, the students who live in this multicultural environment of MIAM, are easily able to continue their research abroad. Finally, MIAM is a social center where local and foreign musicians, scholars, and researchers have the opportunity to experience & experiment with Turkish & World music independently, simultaneously and conjointly.