Jane Harrison

Jane earned her doctorate in musicology in 2011 from The Ohio State University, with a dissertation on the shared compositional techniques, aesthetics, and social behavior of composers writing “debussyste” music in early 20th-century France. Her research was supported by a Fulbright Grant to France and several fellowships from Ohio State. This experience with the debussyste phenomenon led her to explore the application of social science theory and methodology to musical cultural analysis, especially music cognition; and sociological research on networks, diffusion of innovations, artistic taste, and sociolinguistics. Aiming for empirical rigor that does not ignore the richness of musical experience, she tries to combine quantitative and qualitative techniques, including computer-aided analysis, corpus studies, and statistics. Over the past two years she has been completing a study on social capital and live music performance at public concerts in Istanbul. Jane’s approach to teaching and research is fundamentally interdisciplinary, reflecting her research interests. Her course offerings include all periods of French art music, German Romanticism, art song, American popular and vernacular music, sociology and music, music cognition, and music semiotics.

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