Arter/Miam ’18 Summer Events

26th of June, Tuesday

19.30- 20.00


“Kaleidophone – New multichannel electronic music from MIAM”


This concert features new multichannel electroacoustic works by students of ITU MIAM’s program in Sonic Arts. The concert will be diffused through a specially installed eight channel sound system that maximizes the sonic possibilities of Arter’s unique acoustical space. This immersive auditory experience will take the listener on a multidimensional musical journey through soundscape, glitch, musique concrete, and more.


3rd of July, Tuesday

19.30- 20.00


“Tradition to Contemporary”


Instrumental duo Yelda Özgen and Neva Özgen will present concert of works incorporating elements of traditional Turkish music. The concert will begin with an arrangement of Kamran İnce’s “Asumani” specially prepared for the duo, and then their own arrangement of a traditional 19th century composition “Nihavend Peşrev,” usually accredited to Tiryaki, will be performed. Finally, composer Reuben de Lautour will perform an electroacoustic response to the duo’s interpretation of Peşrev, drawing on the sonic material of the performance of it.


Asumani, Kamran İnce

Nihavend Peşrev, Tiryaki

Nihavend, Reuben de Lautour


Neva Özgen, kemençe

Yelda Özgen, cello


10th of July, Tuesday

19.30- 20.00


“For Vibraphone and Live Coding”


A 30 minute concert of live coding by members of the ICE (mICE), featuring Amy Salsgiver (vibraphone). Melodic streams created by the vibraphone are analyzed using a machine listening algorithm in real time implemented in the SuperCollider programming language. The data then is used as raw material to build improvisations and create a dialogue between vibraphone and the laptop performers on the fly.


Amy Salsgiver, vibraphone

Konstantinos Vasilakos, live coding

ICE (Istanbul Coding Ensemble)