Dates : 25-27 May 2017
Place :
Centre for Advanced Studies in Music, Istanbul Technical University

The Creating Music Across Cultures Conference is dedicated to the memory of our dear colleague Prof. Şehvar Beşiroğlu

Creating Music Across Cultures

in the 21st Century

Istanbul Technical University Maçka Campus

Istanbul, Turkey


May 24, Wednesday


19:30                       Hezarfen Ensemble - Opening concert (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)


May 25, Thursday


09:30                       Registration (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


Day 1 Session A: Chair: Martin Greve (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


10:00                       Shabnam Goli – Dancing to the "hotline bling" in old bazaars of Tehran

10:30                       Audrey Wozniak – Orientalism, regionalism, cosmopolitanism: Musical manifestations of cultural hybridity

11:00                       Edward Campbell – Made in France but celebrating the world


Coffee break (11:30-12:00)


Day 1 Session B: Chair: Jeremy Woodruff (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


12:00                       Gertrud Maria Huber – Cross-cultural encounters: BrazilÕs urban music tradition choro in compositions for Alpine zither by Heitor Avena de Castro

12:30                       Nikos Ordoulidis – Cosmopolitan music by cosmopolitan musicians: The case of the rebetiko leading figure Spyros Peristeris


Lunch break (13:00-14:00)


Day 1 Session C: Chair: Michael Ellison (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


14:00                       Yelda …zgen …ztŸrk and Neva …zgen – Nomaden: A work travels through musics of the world

14:30                       Maria Argyriou – Where can my music fit in?

15:00                       Hesen Kanjo and Matthias Mainz – Differentiation, perception, enclosure and transfer in improvisation


Coffee break (15:30-15:50)


15:50                       Performance by Hesen Kanjo (kanun) and Matthias Mainz (electronics) (Cevad Memduh Altar Hall)

16:30                       Panel 1: Transcultural performance today (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)

Chair: MŸnir Nurettin Beken

Participants: Amanda Bayley, Ulrich Mertin, Neva …zgen, Serkan Şener, Erdem Şimşek


19:45                       Concert by Erdem Şimşek (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)


May 26, Friday


Day 2 Session A: Chair: Robert Reigle (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


10:30                       Andile Khumalo – How do we think, hear, or view African music in the modern world?

11:00                       Christian Ferlaino – Bagpipes as a resource for contemporary music


Coffee break (11:30-12:00)


12:00                       Keynote address – MŸnir Nurrettin Beken (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


Lunch break (13:00-14:00)


14:00                       Open workshops with Hezarfen Ensemble – Seg‰h and KŸrdilihicazk‰r makams led by Nermin Kaygusuz, BŸlent …zbek, and Esra Berkman (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)

15:00                       Open workshops with Hezarfen Ensemble – Rhythm (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)

15:30                       Open rehearsal (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)


                                    Coffee break (16:00-16:30)


16:30                       Panel 2: Cross-disciplinary currents (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)

Chair: Robert Reigle

Participants: Michael Ellison, Andile Khumalo, Matthias Mainz, Onur Türkmen, Jeremy Woodruff


May 27, Saturday


Day 3 Session A: Chair: Amanda Bayley (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


10:00                       Elise G.M. Gayraud – "The Ethno Movement": Grass-root international music exchanges creating contemporary cross-cultural traditions

10:30                       Shanti Suki Osman – The exotic bird in the corner: Self Exotification as empowerment with women artists of colour

                  11:00                       ERC presentation by Michael Ellison and Argun ‚akõr


Coffee break (11:30-12:00)


12:00                       Panel 3: Cross-cultural ethnographies in the 21st century  (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)

Chair: Amanda Bayley

Participants: MÜnir Nurettin Beken, Elise Gayraud, Martin Greve, Robert Reigle


Lunch break (13:30-15:00)



Day 3 Session B: Chair: Onur Türkmen (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


15:00                       Can Karadoğan – Sound engineering practices for live performing traditional ensembles in studio sessions

15:30                       Jorge Salgado Correia, Helena Marinho, and Sara Carvalho – Crossing cultures, intertextualities


16:00                       Closing plenary chaired by Michael Ellison (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri)


Final dinner (17:30-19:00) (İTÜ Sosyal Tesisleri Resturant)


19:30                       Hezarfen Ensemble – Final concert (İlhan Usmanbaş Hall)




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