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1. Accredited four-year Bachelors degree (photocopy of diploma and transcript required).

2. English proficiency. Qualifications and minimum scores: 

- ITU Foreign Languages Department, English Proficiency Examination: 65%.
- YOK Dil Sinavi : 65
- TOEFL Paper Based : 523
- TOEFL Computer Based: 183
- TOEFL Internet Based : 70
- YDS : 65
- e-YDS : 65
- UDS : 65
- KPDS : 65
- PTE (Akademik) : 60

For more information regarding English proficiency :

3. Two letters of recommendation.

4. CV and portfolio of work done in the relevant field.

5. For the first education program, a portfolio of relevant academic work (i.e. 10 pages of academic writing sample).


Music Knowledge multiple-choice examination
Music Theory placement examination
Field Exam

Interview All applicants should make a formal application to ITU main campus.

ITU Maslak Kampusu, Ogrenci Isleri Daire Baskanligi Maslak-Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 285 3400 Fax: +90 212 285 2909

Application forms are obtained from: 

Application Guide:

On the link below, you can find our application guide :

Required Documents

1. Applicant's official transcripts including all undergraduate and/or graduate level courses and their grades that given by the universities that applicant graduated or will be graduated Applicanta who will apply for PhD programs directly after his/her undergraduate degree has to have at least 3.00 Cumulative GPA (over 4.00)

2. Academic disciplinary record for Turkish students (may be showed on the transcript)
3. No ALES document is required (GRE or GMAT is required for non-Turkish applicants)
4. Statement of purpose
5. Two recommendation letters - One of these recommendation letters is required to be prepared by an academic instructor who the student worked with.
6. English Proficiency Document that is accepted according to ITU Senate principles

Concentration Areas
- Composition
- Conducting
- Ethnomusicology
- Historical Musicology
- Music Business & Management (only available in Master's program)
- Music Theory
- Performance
- Sonic Arts
- Sound Engineering & Design

Entrance Examination Procedure

1. Music History Multiple-Choice Exam
2. Music Theory Placement Exam
3. Special Field Exam

  a. SED, Sonic Arts and Composition (for both Masters and PhD applicants)
  b. Ethnomusicology, Performance (only for PhD applicants)

4. Interview (Bring a portfolio including your CV and information about your previous studies; the performance exam requirements will be announced later on)


- Muzik Yuksek Lisans Programi (1.ogretim ve 2. ogretim), Istanbul Teknik Universitesi Lisansustu Yonetmelik ve Esaslari dogrultusunda yurutulur. (Music Masters Program (1st and 2nd education), is subjected to Istanbul Technical University's rules and regulations regarding graduate programs.)

- Programa basvuruda bulunmak icin Istanbul Teknik Universitesi'nin ve program yurutme kurulunun belirlemis oldugu basvuru kosullarina uymak zorunludur. (To apply, candidates must fulfill the requirements set by the Istanbul Technical University's program direction committee).

- Programi'nin mezuniyet kredisi 36'dir (90 AKTS) (Graduation credits = 36 (90 AKTS) _ Program 1 hazirlik donemi ve 3 ders doneminden olusur. (Program is comprised of 1 prep semester and 3 semesters of classes). _ Hazirlik donemi dersleri kredisizdir. (The prep semester classes have 0 credits)

- Her ders 3+0 kredi (7,5 AKTS) olup, toplam 12 adet kredili ders tamamlanmalidir. Bu derslerden en az 6'si zorunlu derslerden olusmalidir. (Each of courses have 3+0 credits = 7,5 AKTS. In total 12 courses should be finished. At least 6 courses have to be from compulsory courses)

- Zorunlu dersler 4 grupta toplanmistir: 'Muzik Teorisi', 'Muzik Tarihi', 'Etnomuzikoloji', 'Diger Zorunlu Dersler'. Her ogrenci bu 4 grubun her birinden en az bir ders almak kosuluyla, toplam 6 dersini zorunlu derslerden almalidir. (All of the compulsory courses are grouped in 4 groups. These are "Music Theory", "Music History", "Ethnomusicology" and "The Other Compulsory Courses". Each Students have to take at least one compulsory course from all of these compulsory groups in order to complete their 6 compulsory courses.)

- 12 dersi (36 krediyi) tamamlamak icin geriye kalan dersler secmeli ders havuzundan, yada zorunlu ders gruplarinin herhangibirinden secilebilir. (The other courses can be selected from "the other compulsory course groups" and from "the elective courses for both terms).

- Donem sonu degerlendirmesi icin ITU Lisans Egitimi Not Sistemi kullanilir. (End semester report uses ITU's undergraduate grading system).

- Ogrenciler Muzik 1. Ogretim Yuksek Lisans Programi'ndan Yuksek Lisans Tezi (30 AKTS) yazarak mezun olurlar. (Students graduate from the 1st Education program by writing a Masters Thesis (30 AKTS)).

- Ogrenciler Muzik 2. Ogretim Yuksek Lisans Programi'ndan Donem Projesi (0 AKTS) yazarak mezun olurlar. ) (Students graduate from the 2nd Education program by preparing a Term Project (0 AKTS) )

- Muzik 1. Ogretim Yuksek Lisans Programi'ndan mezun olanlar, Muzik alaninda yuksek lisans diplomasi alirlar. (Graduates from the 1st Education Music Master Program will receive a "Music" Masters diploma.)

- Muzik 2. Ogretim Yuksek Lisans Programi'ndan mezun olanlar, Muzik alaninda (2. Ogretim) yuksek lisans diplomasi alirlar. (Graduates from the 2nd Education Music Master Program will receive a "Music" (2nd Education) Masters diploma.) For more information and course list, click on this link. For information regarding lateral transfer, please follow this link.